1.Characteristics and main uses

TR-902 is an ortho benzene type unsaturated polyester resin with high reactivity, medium viscosity, and good thickening stability. Its products have good heat resistance and excellent comprehensive mechanical properties. Used for producing SMC/BMC products such as electrical, industrial equipment, and automotive components.

2.Technical specifications of liquid resin (25 ℃)

ItemTest methodPerformance indexResult
ApperanceGB/T 8237 2005Yellow transparent liquidYellow transparent liquid
Acid value (mgKOH/g)GB/T 2895 200815.0-20.015.7
Viscosity (CP · S)GB/T 7193 20081200-18001500
SPI-GT (min)GT/T 7193 20086.0-10.06.6
SPI-CT (min)GT/T 7193 20087.5-12.58.2
SPI-PET (℃)GB/T 7193 2008220.0-245.0229.5
Solid content (%)GB/T 7193 200863.5-66.566.4
Color numberGB/T 605≤14070

3.Physical properties of the casting body (for reference only)

ItemUnitMeasured valueTest method
Tensile strengthMPa65GB/T 2568
Tensile modulus of elasticityMpa3000GB/T 2568
Elongation%2.5GB/T 2568
Bending strengthMPa110GB/T 2570
Flexural modulusMPa3300GB/T 2570
Heat distortion temperature122GB/T 1634
Barcol hardness---47GB/T 3854


1) The production method of the casting body shall be in accordance with GB/T 8237, and the curing system shall be 0.6% Co Naph1% AKZOM-501%; 

2) Post treatment of casting body: room temperature x24 hours 60Cx3 hours+110Cx2 hours.

4、 Precautions

During transportation, it should comply with the safety regulations for the transportation of hazardous chemicals in Chapter 5 of the State Council's Regulations on the Safety Management of Hazardous Chemicals. The product should be stored in a cool place below 25C, avoiding ignition, isolating heat sources, and sealed to prevent moisture intrusion and monomer evaporation. The shelf life for storage below 25C is 3 months.



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